As the Longboard Flies

Grip tape covered in dusty shoe prints

Shoe prints as numerous as my mistakes

The logo of some overpriced brand has been completely ridden off the wheels

What a dull orange color they’ve become

Ganesh’s drawing scarred on the board’s underside

The god of begginings

I wondered if he wondered at all the beginnings I’ve glided over

New plants fighting their way through asphalt cracks

Veteran rocks starting a new life being structure to a concrete pad

The drop deck design

The reason Ganesh receives such a close-up view of the ground

The same reason I gain speed with ease

The slightest slope and I know it

I tense up, scared I’m gonna blow it

I’ve never been good at safety

Recklessness has always been a comfort to me

When the adrenaline becomes blinding, I no longer have to be conscious of the life I am destroying

Some describe it as, “All or nothing”

I describe it as, living or merely surviving

I have no fear of dying, as long as in the moments before I took a chance at flying


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