The Lost Dance


A human soul stuck in a cell

My body, it moves and creates

Emotional attachments I fail to make

I cannot convince these feet to dance

We are too busy bandaging blisters from the past

Our best shoes drowned in the closet

The dress that twirls hidden out of view

New boys ask for my hand, for a chance

“Your legs still work.”

“Who cares if you’re barefoot.”

“I can do it. Here look.”

I watch as the boy glides across the room

Swaying with the rhythm, not a step out of tune

He’s magnificent, beautiful

He says, “I forgot how to dance once, but I remembered. Come along. I’ll teach you.”

I love to dance

I promise I do

How do I explain to him that I simply don’t want to

Not now. Not this soon.

I’d love the chance to put on that dress, find those shoes, let him show me around the room

One day I’ll learn the steps, but today

Today I wish to rest

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