Take me to Bed

Take my hands in yours

Tickle my palm with your fingertips, rough and sore

Let the fingerprints across them tell the story of where you’ve been

The scratches hidden beneath the lines, memoirs of each time you’ve fallen

Lock our fingers together into what looks like a cage but feels like a puzzle, complete

Thrust my arms above my head and come closer to me

The intensity of life that sits behind your watercolor eyes makes me stumble backwards

Bring your face to mine

The laugh lines across your skin articulate the memories you wish would stay

The ones where your cheeks burned red and your stomach hurt from laughing so hard

The twinkle in your eye that despite every trauma you’ve suffered, is still alive

A fire engulfs as your quivering lips meet mine

Slam my body against the dusted alley wall

Let the brick make memory against my spine

Chaos ensues as your tongue chases mine

Consent to urge as I swallow you whole

Tell me of every love you’ve known

Every heart you’ve broken, every lonely you own

Force into me the story of journey

The times you were lost within someone else

The war you waged to find yourself

All the scars bare and shown

The ideas you still cling to and all the ones you had to let go

Your hands wrapped around my ribs

Fingertips digging in

Push into me the regret of every word left unsaid

The disappointment of every goal unmet

Consume me with the ambition that drives your desires

Tease me with the sharp edge of your passion

Take the gravity of your weight and place it upon my chest

My breath exchanges for gasps

Tell me of how you got back up, relapse after relapse

Fill me with the warmth of your favorite summer memory

The one of wildness and serenity

Submerge me in your darkest hour

Overwhelm me with the courage it takes to be a survivor

Surround me in all that makes your heart sing

Every daydream and incessant hobby

Every lost joy and distant memory

Tell me.

Tell me more.

Clothes flung to the floor

Nails raking against skin

Show me what it means to be human

Show me.

Show me again.


Take me to bed.

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