Dear Self

Dear feet: How you walked across shattered glass. Then went back for more. All the roads you’ve traveled. How are we still not sure?

Dear legs: You look so good in athletic leggings. Which is probably a good thing. We must always be ready to run.

Dear gut: I fail to listen to you as often as I should, but when I do, you never fail to be right.

Dear chest: The layers of bulletproof glass have become so thick, they are no longer see through. The slightest tick and all the alarms go off in this prison of yours. There are no guards because you can’t trust anyone within your walls. You cradle this heart of mine so tightly. I know it’s scary out there, but give the dying thing some air.

Dear neck: You always keep my head on a swivel, ready for the next disaster. Ready to jump back or run away. Aren’t you exhausted? Let us look forward for a while.

Dear eyes: You are a terrible secret keeper, but I will still tell you all of mine. Every emotion paints itself into your irises like it has never been anywhere else. Like it has always belonged there, but nobody looked in deeply enough to tell.

Dear ears: You listen well, but never believe a word you hear. Let’s work on that.

Dear mind: The thoughts through you run rampant, too many ideas to keep track of. Too many trains without enough stations. I know how often you stand in place and watch how everything passes you by. The strangle hold that mental illness has on you. I know one day we’ll win. Please don’t go.

Dear soul: Scarred and burned by many human hands. You still reach out to touch and to love. Let us not recoil when another hand tries to reach back. We can always heal. Again. Please give me the chance to feel again.

Dear voice: You are the only part of me that I am comfortable with taking up space. Fill every opening that crosses your path with love and wisdom. Truth and support. Knowledge and kindness. Fill the room and the halls and the bookshelves. Fill others and fill yourself. Speak and write. Write and speak. You can never leave, for then all will be lost. You are the most precious possession I have.

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