Not my Party

I remember the feeling you once gave me

The comforts of home

Those strong arms I fell into so many times before

How they held all the pieces together until I regained the strength to hold them on my own

Tonight, we are no longer lovers, barely awkward friends

I want nothing more than to shatter on your chest

To let the silence of this room echo off our colliding breasts

I have never felt as invisible as I do tonight

These are your friends. Nothing less should have been expected, right?

I crave human contact, but not like this.

Being in a room full of people, each breath a suffocating loneliness

Their eyes dart as they try to pick this torn girl apart

I don’t know what I’m doing here either

I was invited, so I figured why not?

You are the only comfort here, the only person whose glare I do not fear

I will not fall into you

Better yet, let me fall through you

Once and for all, you can leave my broken past behind you

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