1970 Camaro

You look at me like the most impressive present you have ever received

Like a 1970 Camaro showed up in your driveway on Christmas morning

You pop the hood

Detailed, clean, Chevy 353, 5-speed

Don’t you know looks can be deceiving?

Appearing to be a well-oiled machine

Go ahead, hop in

Leather interior, gold trim, Bose stereo system bumping Lynyrd Skynyrd

Cycle through the gears

Get an idea of how she feels

Step on the peddle

Fall in love with the pull of the throttle

Oh, how she purrs

Can you imagine a time where she wasn’t like this?

This is her story, it’s worth a listen

Once upon a time this beauty was scarred with scratches and dents

A broken window which through the hornets moved in

Mean little bastards

Bright yellow and angry

Enough to send anyone running

They kept her safe and the surrounding grass became an impenetrable cage

Tired and neglected, she sat abandoned, alone

Barely bothered by anyone

Then a girl came by

One who had known this Camaro since its first drive

She dared to have a look inside

To combat the grass now grown up past the girl’s eyes

The girl slid on in and gave the old ride a try

The Camaro sputtered and stalled

The next day, she wouldn’t start up at all

Every day the girl came through

Rebuilding old parts, some so damaged they can never be reused

Some parts now obsolete, needing to be replaced with ideas brand new

Took years of blood, sweat, tears, hard truths, impossible decisions too

This is the car that girl dropped off to you

The keys are in your palm

The keys that the girl kept locked away from everyone

Before you back out of the driveway

There’s a few things I have to say

She only drives well in first, third, and fifth

She loves to take sharp turns in a drift

She’s lives every day as if this is it

It could be if…

She is clumsy and reckless

Logic, a futile attempt to keep her balance

She was born to be wild, engrained in her since she was a child

Life held together by stubbornness and super glue

She doesn’t need you

Desolate, far off, unknown, these are her favorite places

Unapologetic of the path she takes

When she’s nervous or scared, her leg shakes

Constantly saying sorry when there is no guilty party

Days she didn’t think she’d survive end with a long drive

She finds answers and solace in the stars

Are you sure you want to drive this car?

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