Unrequited Love?

I thought I was ready
Hands steady
Then you hit me
Sent me flying into enemy territory
Unarmed, unguarded
In danger of being broken hearted
I was terrified, ready to retreat
No man should have this kind of power over me
You were comfortable and familar
A reflection of my past toxic relationships
Why did I find peace in this?
The evidence against us all too obvious
We didn’t fit
You are so much like him and I promised I would never do that again
But at the same time you’re so very different
You aren’t malicious
You never hurt me on purpose
It was more like our love spoke competing languages
I needed something other than what you could give
And I was too intense
Too invested
I walked without caution
I refuse to apologize for loving like this
But I accept that you love a little different
A simple miscommunication
I still call to you as a friend
For once, heartbreak has a happy end

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