21st Century Love

Can you imagine a world where we loved a little different?

This is the age of information

It is also the age of media addiction and half ass dedication

The world fears commitment

Hung up on the pain of past resentments

How did we get to this?

A time that we spend more time with our phones than the people we have at home

A time where we have never felt more alone

Scroll, scroll, scroll

Swipe right

Swipe left

Next, next, next

There’s a truth we seem to be forgetting

The faces on our screens are other human beings

With thoughts, dreams, feelings

We post quotes, poetry and stories about the love we’re not getting

Then quickly jump to someone new, when the one we’re with gets boring

Isn’t that a little contradicting?

A million people at our fingertips

It’s skewed what the meaning of love is

We are given value by a number of likes and shares

With so much distant, of course it’s easy to pretend that we don’t care

It’s easier to put up walls and not invest

It doesn’t matter if we try our best

Chances are there’s somebody out there willing to accept less

This whole notion is bullshit

I know a pure, true, good love exists

There has to be someone else out there that wants it too

One day, I hope that you find me and I find you

Love will never be perfect and I’m not asking it to

I’m just asking that I find someone willing to love as hard as I do

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