Blinded by headlights when I want nothing more than to see

Praying that isn’t a cop coming up behind me

The wind fills the cabin

The trees and the river, only a blur

Speeding through your canyon

Trying to learn your curves

I feel my tire jump as I take the next turn

Screeching tires and burning rubber

A common occurrence of every summer

A deafening wish for my stereo to be louder

There’s fire in my veins

It fills my lungs with smoke and sparks my soul

This rush makes me feel whole

Takes away all distractions of the unknown

I hear your voice screaming in my ear, “Stop! Slow down!”

But, that’s not where my solace is found

My tires drift across the dark ground

In this silent forest, I am the only sound

I wish I didn’t need adrenaline to feel so alive

Yet I know without it, I will not survive

Please listen a little closer, and don’t hesitate your reply

When I tell you, “I love you. I just need to go for a drive.”

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