Confused Apology

I will not be the girl you fall head over heels for
The one in a cute sun dress and matching shoes
I don’t love soft
Take my hand, you’ll notice it’s rough
I’ve been through life and came out tough
I’ve been told over and over again that I’m too much
That I’m too caring
That I give too easily
That love should be challenging
That it’s no fun without a little chasing
I don’t enjoy the games I’m told I’m suppose to be playing
I openly and freely, give those I care about, all of me
For this I am sorry
I’ve tried to make myself smaller, softer, quieter
But every time I do, I recognize my reflection no longer
It feels wrong to be less
To give less
To not try my best
To love half ass
I wish I was easier to digest
Everyone’s favorite cupcake
Instead of an acquired taste
I’m one hundred proof
I wish I had something lighter to give you
But I don’t and that’s my fault
I want to love hard
Here, I’ll walk you out
There’s nothing left to talk about

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